Scientific Publications. Result, not process.

Scientific Publications. Result, not process.
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Maryna Yashchenko

It is worth cooperating with us!

Scientific Publications company is an international leader in scientometrics and science in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. We cooperate with the largest Kazakh universities, as well as with researchers from more than 45 countries. The office in Almaty is the branch of our company in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Scientific Publications company works officially and exclusively within the legal framework, introducing innovative ideas in the field of scientific consulting. We provide high quality services that contribute to the achievement of your scientific goals, such as obtaining titles, degrees, grants, funding, thesis defence, and much more. Over the 5 years of work, our specialists have implemented thousands of scientific projects, including in the Scopus database editions with the highest percentile and in Web of Science journals with the highest quartile.

Our vector is the development of research potential in Kazakhstan and all over the world. We are open to cooperation and invite you to move towards this goal together.

Maryna Yashchenko

Director of the company "Scientific Publications Kazakhstan"

About us

Our company sets ambitious goals, focuses on long-term cooperation with researchers, educational and scientific institutions.

The priority task of the Scientific Publications company is the expansion of external partnership and internal development of a team of professionals. It is essential for us to implement new research projects, develop scientometrics and bring it to a qualitatively new level.

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  • 1. Do you guarantee publication in journals with a high quartile/percentile?
    Our specialists are professionals in the field of scientometrics, we guarantee your papers to be published in journals indexed by international databases with a high quartile/percentile. The Scientific Publications company takes responsibility for your scientific goals (obtaining titles, degrees, defending dissertations, receiving grants, etc.) and understands their significance, therefore it provides high quality services. With our help, 3,563 articles have been successfully published in the journals indexed in the Scopus database, 817 — in Web of Science.
  • 2. Are the copyrights and confidentiality of the author preserved?
    The Scientific Publications company provides services in observance of complete confidentiality and preservation of the client's copyright. For example, if a client first submitted one article and then replaced it with another, the first one is deleted from the database. Access to it will be restored only if the client re-sends it to our specialists.
  • 3. Can I pay for the company's services in tenge?
    Yes, we work with most banking systems and accept transfers in national and foreign currencies. We work on full prepayment. Payment in instalments is possible in exceptional cases.
  • 4. Can I come to the office to discuss the necessary details?
    Our company operates officially and has a real office in Almaty, at 21 Al-Farabi Avenue, Suite 807. Before coming to the office, notify your personal manager about your visit. We will be happy to meet with you during working hours and discuss all your questions.

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