Scientific Publications. Result, not process.

Scientific Publications. Result, not process.
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Career in the Scientific Publications team

The Scientific Publications company is a leader in the field of scientific consulting. For many years, we have been setting the vector of development of scientometrics and science in Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Working with us means becoming an innovator in everything! You will not only influence the development of the sphere, but also become part of a team that:

  • Cooperates with international and state organisations, scientometric databases, universities, and companies;
  • Creates new creative projects and ideas, generates interesting products and brings them to life;
  • Constantly develops and improves its competence with the company's help;
  • Always helps its members and creates the best conditions for work and development!

"Scientific Publications" is the absolute leader in the field of scientometrics and scientific publications in Kazakhstan and the CIS

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Current vacancies

  • Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

We are looking for a professional we can entrust with the following tasks:

      • Consulting clients in chat and e-mail correspondence;

      • Preparation and maintenance of primary documentation;

      • Support of the client during the cooperation period.


What we value in the future employee:

      • Literacy and oracy;

      • Knowledge of sales techniques;

      • Persuasiveness;

      • Sociability and friendliness.

The following will be an advantage:

      • Experience with CRM systems;

      • Command of English.

What we offer:

     • Stable and competitive salary with revision twice a year;

     • Official employment opportunities;

     • A ranked growth system with perquisites for all employees;

     • Five-day working schedule from 9:00 to 18:00;

     • Modern office with full infrastructure;

     • A friendly, young, fast-growing team of professionals with a developed corporate culture;

     • Development of employees' skills and talents at the company's expense;

     • Large-scale and exciting corporate events for the holidays.

Values of Scientific Publications

and support
Responsibility and support that signifies absolute mutual assistance to all who goes in the same direction as us and applies to both employees and clients with partners.

and constant growth
Competence and constant growth that drives people to constantly develop their thinking, learn, discover new facets of their potential, and this applies not only to the professional field, but also to the personal.
in ideas
Innovation in ideas that provokes a constant generation of new approaches and solutions to optimize and automate your work and the work of the company at large.

We answer the most frequently asked questions

  • 1. Where is your office located?
    The office address is building 21, Al-Farabi Avenue, Almaty city.
  • 2. What is your working schedule?
    The company's work schedule is an eight-hour day from 9am to 6pm. During public holidays we have days off.
  • 3. How are wages paid?
    We have stable and competitive wages, which are consistently paid twice a month.
  • 4. Does the company provide official employment?
    Yes, formal employment occurs after successful completion of an internship period of 1 month.
  • 5. How do you motivate your employees?
    There are two types of motivation in our company: material – on a monthly basis; immaterial – according to the results of work.
  • 6. How can you describe the company staff?
    We are a friendly and young team of professionals with a developed corporate culture.
  • 7. What are the workflow conditions?
    Each employee has their own workplace that meets the European trends of freedom and creativity. In the office there is a place for business meetings and negotiations, a relaxation area, a corporate library, including a modern kitchen, equipped with all equipment necessary.
  • 8. Does the company help its employees develop?
    The company constantly provides various training programs, corporate English courses, organizes participation in field projects (conferences, seminars). We also have a transparent growth map, both vertical and horizontal, that will unlock and activate your potential and career growth.

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